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Book: Creative Coding in Python by Sheena Vaidyanathan

Please join us for a discussion of Creative Coding in Python by Sheena Vaidyanathan. We will be using Wakelet, Twitter, and GitHub for this book club.

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About this Book

Creative Coding in Python by Sheena Vaidyanathan contains activities that can be used in a classroom or on your own. You are encouraged to code along as you read the book, by typing in your own code. In Creative Coding, there are a few projects for you to explore. In our book club we will dig into the first two projects:


Taken from the website “Using the Big Ideas from this chapter, we will get user input and then respond to the user by putting information on the screen. This will be a simple chatbot. There will be ideas in subsequent chapters that you can use to make this chatbot better. You can change the actual text of the chatbot responses or questions to customize it.”


Taken from the website “Using turtle graphics is a fun way to learn Python and create artwork using code. We’ll give the virtual turtle instructions, known as functions and combine these functions to create complex art pieces.”

About the Author:

Sheena currently teaches computer science in grades 6–8 in the Los Altos School District, in Los Altos, California. In her role as the district’s Computer Science Integration Specialist, she is involved with the STEM program in the district to develop the computer science program for K–8 in all the elementary and junior high schools in the Los Altos School district. She has developed the curriculum and conducted professional development to bring computer science to all 4500+ students in the district. Read more about Sheena on her website and in the CIRCL Perspective.

How to Participate:

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Wakelet is described as “an easy and enjoyable way to save, organize and share content from across the web. Never lose a link again. With Wakelet, you can bookmark the content that matters to you, organize it how you like, and add your own images and notes to give context. People everywhere are using Wakelet to save, organize and share content in stunning, visual collections.So, whether you’re a student, traveller, blogger, brand or business, it’s easy to start bookmarking.“

We will use Wakelet to easily share resources we can use in classrooms and projects we create while participating in this book club Creative Coding in Python.

Resource 1- Popular Programming Languages
Resource 2- Flowchart

Project 1 – Share your chatbot
Project 2 – Share your art work

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